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Shatonna Nelson

Shatonna Nelson
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Organization: Miron Beverages
We signed a contract with The Finest Hour PR company to have them represent us (Miron Beverages) in the USA and get us into big box stores like Walmart, etc. They wanted a fixed percentage of sales which is not unheard of for a broker. Which we agreed to. They also wanted $1000 for travel expenses in order to visit clients. This is not unheard of and although I am not a fan of this type of thing, we were told they had an opportunity right away and we would not be presented if the payment was not made, (I’m generally not a big fan of high-pressure sales and I should have walked away at this point but we didn’t) so I paid the amount requested. We entered into this agreement with two companies (mine and my business partner with two produce lines). This was so we could take advantage of splitting the travel expenses portion of the cost. Good for us and good for Shatonna and The Finest Hour PR as she would have had two product lines to present. I have to be upfront and state that we have had some but limited samples that customers could try but we were assured this would not be a problem.

It has been many months now and I (Rodney Wild @ Miron Beverages) have not gotten one email or phone call from Shatonna Nelson and no updates on any presentations they were supposed to be made on our behalf. We have asked for our $1000 back since before Christmas of last year since they were not able to provide the service that was contracted for.

When I first contacted Shatonna via email in order to give her an opportunity to make it right and return the money and cancel the contract she said she would return the money to my other business partners that she spoke to. After a period of a month and a half of waiting she never made it right. We told her we would be posting this to our website and she said she would be getting her lawyers involved. We came back to the table and said “send us proof that you actually did some work.”, she said she would do that through her lawyers (that was about a month ago) and we have heard nothing from her lawyers. We have communicated to her that we have heard nothing from her lawyers (her response: good to know, I’ll look into it). As of march 17, 2022 after giving her lots of opportunities to make things right, we are finally publishing this page in the hopes that other people can avoid the same issues as us.

After months of waiting, I informed The Finest Hour PR that if the $$$$ per not paid back by Tuesday, Feb 8, 2022 or at least proof that the money has been sent to our account I would publish this brief to let people know how Shatonna and The Finest Hour PR deals with customers. This website page will be removed should there be a resolution to this issue. Buyer beware!

Rodney Wild
Miron Beverages

You might wonder why you are coming to a website for another business in order to see this content. I own both businesses and did not want to distract our customers of Miron Beverages with regards to this issue.